Rosebud the Basselope is the last basselope in the world.  The rest died because thier arteries were clogged.  He tried out for Steve's band but carried thier equipment.  He was revealed to be a female and fell in love with Hodge-Podge.  64 jackabasselopes were born and they left after a week.  When Milo and Opus were hunting for a beast that ate 50 rhinos, she first appeared. She and her kind lived a long life because they took cold showers.  The government used her for weapons to fight the Soviets.  The first one had her launch a nuclear bomb with a rubber band from her head.  The second had her controling a weapon in space.  The third had her disguised as a Russian female and make adds for American stuff, and selling Dove Bars, Mickey Mouse costumes, and cheeseburgers.