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Oliver Wendell Jones is the resident Hacker in the Bloom County Boardinghouse. He has been the cause of many different computer-problems.

Appearance Edit

Oliver is the second named African-American in Bloom County, the first being Alphonso Ali. He has glasses with glare that block his eyes and Black Hair.

Personality Edit

Reckless abandon

Oliver Wendell Jones is an unusually intelligent boy. He has hacked into many different high level security areas. He is an atheist, but sometimes realizes "The universe is a little too darned orderly to be just a big accident". This causes him to pass out for a while

Storylines Edit

The Hacker Tank Edit

Oliver got busted for hacking into the FBI, so he pinned the crime on Steve Dallas. Steve later was considered innocent, as the judge stated "you don't have the brains to pick your nose, much less work a computer."

TV Scrambling Edit

The networks started scrambling Oliver's father's channels. Oliver, along with Milo and Opus, "seized the moral high ground" and made their own transmissions to substitute others.

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