Milo Bloom is the original protagonist of the strip. Much of the strip takes place on or around the boarding house owned by his family.


Milo is a boy of about 10 years. He has a mop of wavy blond hair and thick eyeglasses. He is usually seen wearing a white dress shirt and occasionally wearing a fedora (when working at the newspaper office).


Milo is possibly the most pragmatic of the main characters, often acting as the voice of sanity. He tends to be one of the characters that organizes the various activities, for example he manages the Meadow Party's presidential campaign, and often organizes the day to day running of the local newspaper (The Bloom Beacon/The Bloom Picayune).


Milo began the strips run as a young lad living in his grandparent's boarding house around which most of the action of the strip took place. He attended the local elementary school. He obtained a job as a reporter for the local newspaper. He was Bill the Cat and Opus' campaign manager during their presidential election bids and was generally involved in most of Bloom County's storylines, mainly in a supporting role. His last appearance in Bloom County saw him at the strips wrap party where he appeared with a snake partially devouring him where he informed a confused Opus that he was appearing in the next week's The Far Side.

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