The history of Binkley in Bloom County is a little complicated, as there's a character referred to as Binkley who first appears in the comic on May 12th, 1981. This Binkley is significantly shorter than Milo, has a brush cut, and wears glasses. We find out his first name on May 18th, 1981, but it doesn't get used again until April 26th, 1982. This form of Binkley shows up about eight times, with the last appearance on May 30th, 1981. A little over a week later, on June 8th, 1981, the poofy-haired glassesless Binkley we know and fret with makes his first appearance. (Curiously, a student very much resembling the previous Binkley is still on the football team on June 23rd, 1981.) His father gives him the nickname "Mad Dog" on Sep 4th, 1981.

He appears approximately 733 times in the strip.

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