The Bloom Picayune (formerly the Bloom Beacon) is the main newspaper of Bloom County. It is mainly run by Milo Bloom

and Opus



Armand Dipthong is the stressed and alcoholic editor of the Bloom Picayune. A common source of his anxiety is the pressure to sacrifice his journalistic integrity for sleazy stories 

"Run that baby!!!"

-Armand Dipthong                  

Editorial DepartmentEdit

Milo Bloom usually writes the editorials for Dipthong. He has angered Senator Bedfellow many times and has even invoked a call from an angry Ronald Reagan.

Main ReporterEdit

Milo Bloom often writes stories about what's going on in Bloom County. Some of his articles include the hunt for the elusive Basselope and the Bedfellow Scandal.

Steve Dallas went on a mission with Opus to take pictures of Sean Penn, resulting in a major spine injury for Steve.


The name stripper is what Opus prefers to the normal cartoonist. It is implied that he is a bad artist and usually stresses with deadlines.

Milo was a stripper for one storyline, and dreamt about being a nationally syndicated cartoonist.

Movie CriticEdit

Opus was a movie critic for a little while, saying Francis Ford Coppala's latest film "Did for the movies what the Johnstown Kool-Aid did for drinks"

Personals cropped


The Ombudsman goes between the readers and the management, bringing complaints and news of losing subscriptions between them. 

Personals DepartmentEdit

Opus' main job at the Picayune is at the Personals. He is often wondering what kind of weirdos the personals attracted.

Articles Edit

The Hunt for the Basselope Edit

Milo and Opus went out to search for the Elusive and murderous Basselope. It was revealed that the Basselope in question, Rosebud, reads the Bloom Picayune.

AIDS and Public Health Edit

Dipthong set out to write a blunt story about Public Health and AIDS. Once Milo fetched the proper words from the forbidden word vault, the story became a reality. This caused the 14 women in the Ladies Church Muffin Club to cancel their subscription.

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