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Billy and the Boingers, originally Deathtöngue, was a band made by Steve Dallas to make up for his fumbled law career. He hosted tryouts, saying that they should be able to play an instrument and be able to "grimace musically" (The latter caused some confusion).


There were two members of the band before the tryouts began

Steve Dallas[]

Steve Dallas is the contractor and songwriter for Deathtöngue. He was the one that owns the band before he gave up his percentage for the other Boingers to bail him out of jail.

Bill the Cat[]

Bill was the one that gave Steve the idea to form a rock band. He plays the electric guitar and has had many groupies. He once insisted on meeting, "The Elvis of Music" Ozzy Osborne. After Steve gave up 99% of the earnings, Bill the Cat sold out and started living the rich life. He was with Steve Dallas when they were tried with their questionable lyrics (and was probably the reason the Senate didn't believe Steve's sayings)

After the tryouts began, two new people joined the band.


Hodge-Podge became the drummer for Billy and the Boingers, donning a giant wig. When the Boingers named changed, he said that maybe Boingers is a vague dirty word.


Opus was the Tuba player for the Boingers. His involvement in the band caused a spat with his fiance, Lola Granola. The reverend that came to Lola's house on order from her mother, actually enjoyed the little songs, even offering rhyming advice. When deciding a name, Opus came up with "The Osmonds", but was quickly shut down.